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simgurusarahHey Simmers, I got the chance to interview SimGuruSarah  by mail and to learn more about Sarah, you can read the interview now 🙂

Q: So Sarah could you please introduce you & what is exactly your name job?

A: Hi everyone! My name is Sarah Holding and I am an Associate Producer on The Sims 3. I’ve been with EA for eight years and have worked on The Sims 2, The Sims 3 and MySims. My first project was The Sims 2 Nightlife Expansion Pack.

Q: What do you love in The Sims?

A: Everything! I love sandbox games and The Sims is the ultimate sandbox! I love all the different ways you can play The Sims. No matter what mood I’m in there is something to do. When I feel focused and goal oriented I can play without cheating, when I feel creative I can tell stories or build things, when I feel like playing casually while watching TV I can turn Free Will on High and just watch what happens.

Q: When you came home, do you play The Sims or do you have more passions than them ?

A: I do play The Sims at home, but I like other games too! I like to play other sandbox games (Zoo Tycoon and Roller Coaster Tycoon are two of my favorites), and I love Japanese RPGs, especially the Final Fantasy series. My favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy VI. I also enjoy reading – if I’m not gaming in my spare time I’m probably reading.

Q: I guess your worked on all Sims 3 World, if you have to choose one, which one and why ?

A: This is a tough question. I love them all so much! I think The Sims 3 Sunlit Tides is probably my favorite all around. It’s so beautiful, I always feel very relaxed when I’m playing in that world. Maybe it’s because it allows me to fantasize about being on vacation… I also really like the objects and new plants that came with it. I love the floating pool lantern; I use it in all my upscale homes.

Q: And what about expansion pack what is/are your favorites? Did you work as well on it?

A: My favorite would have to be The Sims 3 Generations, which I did work on. I really like how it added lots of little things to the game, like canes for the elders, and hopscotch and tree houses and costumes chests for the kids! Oh, and reading your toddler to sleep, it’s so cute! One of my favorite things about The Sims is the little stuff, the details. Those are what really make our Sims feel like real people.

Q: And now the same question but for the stuff pack.

A: My favorite stuff pack is The Sims 3 Outdoor Living, which I did work on. I love building out my Sims yards, I always have. In The Sims 2 I’d often build tiny houses with huge gardens (and then I’d have to build an army of Servos to tend the hedges, because one gardener could never pull it off!). The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Stuff has some really awesome new hot tubs (all my Sims who can afford it have a hot tub!) and I really like the lights and plant sculptures in this pack. Oh, and there is a lovely gate too!

Q: When you play the game are you a cheater? If yes, which cheats? Do you use them all time?

A: I love to cheat! I mainly use money cheats and I drag my motives up. It depends on how I’m playing. Sometimes I want to be the achiever, so I don’t cheat anything and I just play and see how fast I can meet goals I set for myself. When I’m feeling creative I usually cheat money so I can make my Sim’s house really nice before I start playing them. I often use “kaching” when I start a new game so that I have a little bit of money to make-over my Sim’s house with new wallpaper, floor tiles, etc. so that it better fits my tastes, then I don’t cheat and just play normally. One of my favorite things to do is to create a new female Sim in CAS and then send her out in the world in search of her one true love.

Q: Well I think I asked all my questions. Thank you so much for answered and do you have a message to tell to your French fans ?

A: I just want to say thank you so much to everyone for playing The Sims! One of the best things about working on The Sims is seeing how you, the players, play the game and what things you create. The custom content, custom worlds, build/buy lots, Sims. I love seeing all of it! It makes me very happy that I can be part of something that brings so many people joy and lets them explore their creativity.

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